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1. Rule of Law: INJECT has contributed continuously to improvement of legislation through advocacy initiatives for amendments to laws affecting women’s rights and their protection. Through advocacy the Family Law has been amended in 2019 to guarantee access to the half of matrimonial property for women. At the moment, based on our request for amendment and concrete amendment proposals, the Law for Protection against Domestic Violence is being amended to specify economic and psychological violence within marriage. Last year we advocated for the Civil Code of Kosovo not to be approved in Parliament due to lack of regulation of fields related to issues affecting women’s lives and Civil Code is actually being amended with proposals we sent to Ministry of Justice.

INJECT contributes to the increase of capacities of judicial institutions through legal researches, trainings for judges, prosecutors and police, with whom we have memorandums of understandings. We cooperate with Kosovo Police, Judicial Council and Academy of Justice.

2. Women Empowerment: Within our program of empowerment for women, our work is focused on providing free legal aid (mainly in cases based on Gender-Based Violence, Divorce, Division of Property and Financial Maintenance (alimony), judicial monitoring and psychosocial treatment for women who have experienced domestic violence. We are cooperating with judicial institutions and police, for whom we conduct trainings in the areas of our expertise.

3. Awareness Raising: Kosovar society is still characterized by patriarchal norms and gender discrimination. Unfortunately, discrimination also occurs within institutions. For this reason, INJECT aims to inform and build capacities of society through its awareness raising program. INJECT organizes meetings with citizens and CSO’s, campaigns, participates in TV debates, writes articles and disseminates these through several media and social media sites.